The Warrior's Way

Path of the Warrior

  1. Talk to Master Auron in Gludin, Warriors Guild, receive – Auron's LetterLineage 2
  2. Master Auron

  3. Take the letter to Trader Simplon at the Gludio Gun Store. He will give – Warrior Guild MarkWarriors Guild Sign
  4. Merchant Of Simplon

  5. Go to the Ruins of Suffering, kill the monsters – Skeleton Ranger and Skeleton Leader Of the Rangers, until you get the Rusty Sword (Rusted Bronze Sword) – 1Rusty Sword0 pieces.
  6. Ruins of Suffering

  7. Give the blades to Trader Simplon. He'll take the Warriors Guild badges and 10 Rusty Swords. In return, get a weapon – Rusty Sword (Rusted BrRusty Swordonze Sword) and Simplon's LetterSymplon's Letter
  8. Take the letter to Master Auron to Gludin, and he will repair the sword.
  9. Go to Windmill Hill, Kill Rusted Bronze Sword – Poisonous Spider aRusty Swordnd Arachnid Hunter until you collect Venomous Spider's Leg – 20 Spider's Pawpieces.
  10. Windmill Hill

  11. Go back to Master Auron Gludin and receive the award.
  12. After reaching level 20, talk to any Grand Master in the Warriors Guild and get a profession – Warrior