Mark quests – Spearman


A test of bravery

  1. The quest is taken from Cash," who stands in front of a warehouse in Dion. Phrases in the dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is waiting for you
    • Accept its terms (I accept)


  2. We go to kill Shislassys," stands under Undine Waterfall, guarded by Cave Basilisk. After killing the jellyfish, the Scroll of Shyslassys The Shislasis Scrolland Broken Key are givenBroken Key. Nearby will appear chest Chest Of Shyslassys, which can be opened with this key, "talking" to him.
  3. Shislasis

  4. Talk to Kash in Dion, get Cash's LetterCash's letter
  5. Going to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. We go to kill Gorr in a cave near Monster Race Track. Security – Cave Basilisk. After her murder, you'll get –
    Observer's 1st Eye, whichThe Eye of the Observer is carried back by Martien to Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. The next target is Baraham, not far from where Gorr was. We kill it and get the Observer '2nd Eye.The Eye of the Observer' At the same time, Raldo appears nearby. Talk to him:
    • I'm here to kill the monsters that threaten the villagers.
      I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Sign of the Contender and Martyn
      Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I'll help.
      I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport to the Village of dwarves, go to Filaur, he is in a round building in the center
  12. Philar

  13. We go down to the bottom of the Mythril Mine. We find and kill the queen Succubus queen and her guard – Claw Of Succubus. He'll get a reward.
  14. Mythril Mine


Confidence test

  1. The quest begins in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint ,Grand Master Hollint, receive – LetLineage 2ter to Elf and Letter to DarkelfLetter to the Dark Elves
  2. High Priest Hollint

  3. Talk to The Grand Master Asterios at the Temple of Eva, in the Elven Village, receive – Order of Asterios OrderOrder of Asterios
  4. Hierarch Asterios

  5. We're running southwest. We hunt Lyrain e-Lahrein and the Elder Lyrain until Luell Of zephyr Winds appears. Kill it and get it – Breath of WindsBreath of the Winds.
    We hunt for the Dryad and the Senior Dryads until the Actea Of Verdant Wilds appears. Kill it, get – Seed of VerdureThe seed of the Greens
  6. The Elf Forest

  7. Return to the Grand Master Asterios in the Elven Village, receive the Scroll of Elf TrustLetter from the Elves
  8. Go to Tetrarch Thifiell at the Shilen Sanctuary, to the Dark Elves Village, receive Thifiell's LetterTifiel's letter
  9. Tetrarch Tifiel

  10. Teleported to Dion. In the Dark Elves Guild, Master Clayton speaks to him. Receiving the Clayton OrderClayton's order
  11. Master Clayton

  12. Go to Ant-Man, Kill Monsters – Ant Soldier Until You Get – Honey Dew from 10 CHoney Rosaans – Great Afid (Giant Aphid)The Great Afid
  13. Anthill

  14. Go to Death Valley, kill monsters – Vasilisk The Guardian until you get The Plasma VasiPlasma Vasiliskaliska from 10 cans – Blood of The Guardian BasiliskVasiliska's Blood
  15. Death Valley

  16. Go to Topi Kruma, Kill Monsters – Swamp Stacato until you get Stakato IchorStakato's smother from 10 cans – Stakatos FluidsStakato's fluids
  17. Topi Kruma

  18. Back to Master Clayton in Dion, the Dark Elf Guild
  19. Teleported to the Dark Elves Village. Back to Tetrarch Thifiell at the Shilen Sanctuary, we receive the Letter of the Dark Elf TrustLetter from the Dark Elves
  20. Teleported in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint (Grand Master Hollint), receive a Letter to SeresinHollinth's letter
  21. Outside the church – Cardinal Seresin, receive – Letter to Orc and Letter to Dwarf
  22. Cardinal Seresin

  23. Teleported to The Orcs Village. In the main building on the 2nd floor – Lord of Flames Kakai, receive – Letter to Manakia
  24. Lord Flame Kekei

  25. Talk to seer Manakia in Giranat at the Orc Guild.
  26. Visionary Manakia

  27. Teleported to Hardin Academy. Hunt Veprey until we collect Parasite of Lota – 10 Parasite Lotpieces.
  28. Hardin Academy

  29. Return to Seer Manakia in Giran, receive – Letter of ManakiaLetter from Manakia
  30. Teleported to The Orcs Village. We speak to Lord of Flames Kakai, we receive the Letter of orcs (Scroll of Orc Trust)
  31. Talk to Lockirin in the Village of Dwarves in the Council of Elders
  32. Lokrin

  33. Teleported to Kruma Tower. Near the tower we speak with Nicolas,
    Receive – Order of NikolaNicolas's order
  34. Nicolas

  35. Let's go to Kruma Tower. Hunt on the ground floor – Porta, until we get the Heartstone of Porta – 10Heart Shard Ports pieces.
  36. Back to Nicolas, we talk to him
  37. Now again to Lockirin in the Village of the Dwarves, get – Letter of the Dwarves (Scroll of Dwarf Trust)
  38. Teleported in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint (Grand Master Hollint), receive – Recommendation of Hollint (Recommendation of Hollint)
  39. Teleport to Talking Island. In the church we talk to The Grand Master Biotin, we get – Sign of TrustSign of Trust
  40. High Priest Biotin


A test of excellence

  • Level: 39
  • Race: Man, Orc
  • Occupation: Warrior, Raider
  • Awards: 1,270,742Exp, 87,200Skills Points, 229,76Adena4, Sign of MasteryMark of Champion,
    Diamond of other worldsDimensional Diamond – 64 pieces.

  1. Talk to Veteran Ascalon in Giran, near the Arms Store, and receive the 1st Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 1st Letter)Ascalon's Letter
  2. Veteran Ascalon

  3. We go to Dion to Mason (Mason) – next to the Warehouse, get – Iron Rose RingThe Ring of the Iron Rose
  4. Mason

  5. Go to lizard Valley, kill the monsters – Bloody Axe, until you collect the Head of the Bloody Axe Head – 100Head of the Bloody Axe pieces.
  6. Bloody Axe

  7. Go back to Mason in Dion, get – Mason's LetterMason's letter
  8. Let's go to Giran. We talk to Veteran Ascalon again, we get – 2nd Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 2nd Letter)2nd Letter of Ascalon
  9. We go to the Magic Trader Groot in the Magic Shop, in Giran, we talk to him, we get – the Order of the White Rose Insignia (White Rose Insignia)Order of the White Rose
  10. Groot

  11. Go to the Gorgon Flower Garden, kill the monsters:
    • Medusa's Venom iMedusa's poisons 30
    • Harpy's Egg is 30 pieceGarpia Eggs.
  12. Gorgon Flower Garden

  13. Let's go to Hardin Academy. Hunt Veprey until we collect The Bile Bile – 30 Bile Veprypieces.
  14. Hardin Academy

  15. Back to Giran to the Magic Trader Groot, we receive a Letter (Groot's Letter)Letter. Then, near the gun shop – Veteran Ascalon, talking to him, get – 3rd Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 3rd Letter)3rd Letter of Ascalon
  16. Talk to Captain Mouen at the south gate of Oren, get – 1st Order moen (Mouen's 1st Order)1st Moen Order
  17. Captain Moen

  18. Go to Death Valley, kill monsters – Roadside Scavenger until you collect the Head of the Scavenger (Road Ratman Head) – 10The Head of the Scavenger0 pieces.
  19. Death Valley

  20. Return to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – 2nd Order moen (Mouen's 2nd Order)2nd Moen Order
  21. Go to lizard Valley, kill the monsters of any Lizard Lizard (Leto Lizardman) until you collect the Lizard Lizard Fang (Leto Lizardman Fang) – 1Lito Lizard's Fang00 pieces.
  22. Lizard Valley

  23. Go back to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – Mouen's Letter
  24. Let's go to Giran. Near the gun shop – Ascalon (Veteran Ascalon), talking to him, get – Mark of Champion (Sign of Mastery)Sign of Mastery
  25. We go to Veteran Ascalon in Gearan, get an award