Marks – Warlord

Trial of the Challenger

  1. Quest comes from Kash, which stands opposite the Warehouse in Dion. Dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is it
    • I accept


  2. Go hunt Shyslassys, stands under Undine Waterfall, guards — Cave Basilisk. Get Scroll of ShyslassysScroll of Shyslassysand Broken KeyBroken Key. Will appear Chest Of Shyslassys, open it.
  3. Shyslassys

  4. Talk to Kash in Dion, get Letter KashLetter Kash
  5. We go to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. Go hunt Gorr in the cave not far from Monster Race Track. Guards – Cave Basilisk. Get –
    Watcher’s 1st EyeEye, which we carry back to Martien in Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. Next target – Baraham, not far from Gorr. Kill and get Watcher’s 2nd EyeEye. At the same time, Raldo appears nearby. Talk to him:
    • I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport in Dwarven Village, go to Filaur, hes in a round building in the center
  12. Filaur

  13. Down to the very bottom Mithril Mines. Hunt Succubus Queen and her guards – Claw Of Succubus. Will appear Raldo, get reward
  14. Mithril Mines


Testimony of Trust

  1. Quest starts in Oren. Go in church to Grand Master Hollint, get – Letter to ElfLetter to Elfand Letter to DarkelfLetter to Darkelf
  2. Grand Master Hollint

  3. Talk to Grand Master Asterios in Temple of Eve, in Elven Village, get – Order of AsteriosOrder of Asterios
  4. Grand Master Asterios

  5. Go to southwest. Hunt Lirein and Lirein Elder, will appear Luell Of Zephyr Winds. Kill it and get – Breath of WindsBreath of Winds.
    Hunt Dryad and Dryad Elder, will appear Actea Of Verdant Wilds. Kill, get – Seed of VerdureSeed of Verdure
  6. Elven Forest

  7. Return to Grand Master Asterios in Elven Village, get Scroll of Elf TrustScroll of Elf Trust
  8. Set off to Tetrarch Thifiell in Shilen Temple, in Dark Elven Village, get Thifiell’s LetterLetter
  9. Tetrarch Thifiell

  10. Teleport in Dion. In the Dark Elf guild – Magister Clayton, talk to him. We get Order of ClaytonOrder of Clayton
  11. Human Wizardистр Mold Glueтон

  12. Set off in The Ant Nest, hunt monsters – Ant Soldier until you get – Honey DewHoney Dewand from 10 bottles – Giant AphidGiant Aphid
  13. The Ant Nest

  14. Set off in Death Pass, hunt monsters – Guardian Basilisk until you get Basilisk PlasmaBasilisk Plasma from 10 bottles – Blood of Guardian BasiliskBlood of Guardian Basilisk
  15. Death Pass

  16. Set off in Cruma Marshlands, hunt monsters – Marsh Stakato until you get Stakato IchorStakato Ichor from 10 bottles – Stakatos FluidsФлюиды Стакато
  17. Cruma Marshlands

  18. Back to Magister Clayton in Dion, in Dark Elf Guild
  19. Teleport in Dark Elven Village. Again to Tetrarch Thifiell in Shilen Temple, get Scroll of Dark Elf TrustScroll of Dark Elf Trust
  20. Teleport in Oren. Go in church to Grand Master Hollint, get Letter to SeresinLetter to Seresin
  21. Near church – Cardinal Seresin, get – Letter to Orc and Letter to Dwarf
  22. Cardinal Seresin

  23. Teleport in Orc Village. In the main building on 2nd floor – Lord of Flames Kakai, get – Letter to Manakia
  24. Lord of Flames Kakai

  25. Talk to Seer Manakia in Giran in Orc Guild.
  26. Seer Manakia

  27. Teleport in Hardins Academy. Hunt Windsus, until you get Parasite of LotaParasite of Lota– 10
  28. Hardins Academy

  29. Back to Seer Manakia in Giran, get – Letter of ManakiaLetter of Manakia
  30. Teleport in Orc Village. Speak to Lord of Flames Kakai, get Scroll of Orc Trust
  31. Talk to Lockirin in Dwarven Village in Elder Council
  32. Lockirin

  33. Teleport in Cruma Tower. Near tower talk to Nikola,
    get – Order of NikolaOrder of Nikola
  34. Nikola

  35. Go in Cruma Tower. Hunt on 1 floor – Porta, until you get Heartstone of PortaHeartstone of Porta – 10
  36. Back to Nikola, talk to him
  37. Now again to Lockirin in Dwarven Village, get – Scroll of Dwarf Trust
  38. Teleport in Oren. Go in church to Grand Master Hollint, get – Recommendation of Hollint
  39. Teleport on Talking Island. In church talk to Grand Master Biotin, get – Mark of TrustMark of Trust
  40. Grand Master Biotin


Test of the Champion

  • Level: 39+
  • Race: Human, Orc
  • Class: Warrior, Orc Raider
  • Rewards: 1 270 742EXP, 87 200SP, 229 764Adena, Mark of Champion Mark of Champion,
    Dimensional DiamondDimensional Diamond — 64

  1. Talk to Veteran Ascalon in Giran, возле Weapon Shop, get – Ascalon’s 1st LetterLetter Аскалона
  2. Veteran Ascalon

  3. Go in Dion to Mason – nearby со Warehouse, get – Iron Rose RingIron Rose Ring
  4. Mason

  5. Set off in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt monsters – Bloody Axe, until you get Bloody Axe HeadГолова Кровавого Топора— 100
  6. Bloody Axe

  7. Return to Mason in Dion, get – Mason’s LetterLetter Masonа
  8. Go in Giran. Talk again to Veteran Ascalon, get – Ascalon’s 2nd Letter2nd Letter Аскалона
  9. We go to Magic Trader Groot in Human Wizardической Лавке, in Giran, talk to him, get – White Rose InsigniaWhite Rose Insignia
  10. Groot

  11. Set off in Gorgon Flower Garden, hunt monsters:
    • Medusa – Medusa’s VenomMedusas Venom— 30
    • Harpy and Quest Monster Harpy Matriarch – Harpy’s EggHarpys Egg— 30
  12. Gorgon Flower Garden

  13. Go in Hardins Academy. Hunt Windsus, until you get Windsus BileWindsus Bile– 30
  14. Hardins Academy

  15. Return to Giran to Magic Trader Groot, get Groot’s LetterLetter. Then, near Weapon Shop – Veteran Ascalon, talk to him, get – Ascalon’s 3rd LetterAscalons 3rd Letter
  16. Talk to Captain Mouen near south gate of Orenа, get – Mouen’s 1st Order1st Order Моена
  17. Captain Mouen

  18. Set off in Death Pass, hunt monsters – Road Scavenger until you get Road Ratman HeadRoad Ratman Head— 100
  19. Death Pass

  20. Back to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – Mouen’s 2nd Order2 Order Моена
  21. Set off in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt monsters any Leto Lizardman until you get Leto Lizardman FangLeto Lizardman Fang— 100
  22. Plains of the Lizardmen

  23. Return to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – Mouen’s Letter
  24. Go in Giran. near Weapon Shop – Veteran Ascalon, talk to him, get – Mark of ChampionMark of Champion