Marks – Warcryer

Trial of the Pilgrim

  1. We speak with Hermit Santiago in Orc Barracks
  2. Santiago

  3. Talk with Seer Tanapi in Orc Village
  4. Tanapi

  5. Go in Cave of Trials, talk to Ancestor Martankus, from bridge to the right, on fork again right
  6. Martankus

  7. Set off in Forgotten Temple, hunt – Quest Monster Lava Salamander until you get – Essence of FlameEssence of Flame
  8. Forgotten Temple

  9. Return to Ancestor Martankus in Cave of Trials
  10. Go to Seer Tanapi in Orc Village
  11. Talk with Gauri Twinklerock in Dwarven Village
  12. Gauri

  13. We speak with Priest Gerald, not far from the Gatekeeper.


    If you refuse to pay 100 000Adena– talk to Wanderer Dorf, to the north of the village


  14. We go to Priest Primos in Einhasad Temple, in Giran
  15. Primos

  16. Talk with Priest Petron in Einhasad Temple, in Talking Island Village
  17. Petron

  18. Hunt in Elven Ruins – Quest Monster Nahir, until you get – Hair of NahirHair of Nahir
  19. Elven Ruins

  20. Come back to Priest Petron in Einhasad Temple, in Talking Island Village
  21. Talk with Andellia in Elven Village
  22. Andellia

  23. Set off to waterfall at Black Rock Hill, hunt – Quest Monster Black Willow, until you get Debris of WillowDebris of Willow

    We speak with Uruha nearby waterfall, get – Book of DarknessBook of Darkness

  24. Black Willow

  25. Back to Andellia in Elven Village.
    In the dialogue, select:
    Burn the Book of Darkness

  26. We go to Elder Casian in Wasteland, get – Book Of SageBook Of Sage
  27. Casian

  28. Come back to Hermit Santiago in Orc Barracks and get reward


Testimony of Glory

  1. We speak with Prefect Vokian in Orc Guild, in Giran, get – Vokian’s OrderVokian's Order
  2. Vokian

  3. Set off in Ivory Tower Crater, hunt – Manashen Gargoyle, until you get Manashen ShardManashen Shard— 10
  4. Ivory Tower Crater

  5. Set off in Death Pass, hunt – Guardian Basilisk, until you get Guardian Basilisk FangGuardian Basilisk Fang— 10
  6. Death Pass

  7. Set off in Wasteland, hunt – Tyrant, Tyrant Kingpin, until you get Tyrant’s TalonTyrant's Talon— 10
  8. Wasteland

  9. Back to Prefect Vokian, in Giran, get – Vokian’s OrderVokian's Order
  10. Talk with Gandi Chief Chianta in Orc Guild, in Dion, get Chianta’s 1st OrderChianta's 1st Order
  11. Gandi Chief Chianta

  12. We go to Seer Manakia in Orcs Guild, in Giran, get Manakia’s 1st LetterManakia's 1st Letterand Manakia’s 2nd LetterManakia's 2nd Letter
  13. Seer Manakia

  14. Talk with Breka Chief Voltar in Breka Stronghold, will appear 2 Quest Monsters – Vultus Son Of Voltar and Pashika Son Of Voltar, kill.
    Talk with Breka Chief Voltar again and get – Scepter of BrekaScepter of Breka
  15. Breka Chief Voltar

  16. We speak with Enku Chief Kepra nearby with Fortress Beehive, will appear 3 Quest Monsters – Enku Orc Overlord, kill.
    Talk with Enku Chief Kepra again and get – Scepter of EnkuScepter of Enku
  17. Enku Chief Kepra

  18. Talk with Prefect Kasman in Orc Guild, in Gludin, get Kasman’s 1st LetterKasman's 1st Letter, Kasman’s 2nd LetterKasman's 2nd Letter, Kasman’s 3rd LetterKasman's 3rd Letter
  19. Prefect Kasman

  20. We go to Leunt Chief Harak not far from Langk Lizardmen Dwellings, get – Scepter of TunathScepter of Tunath
  21. Leunt Chief Harak

  22. We speak with Turek Chief Burai in Orc Barracks, will appear 2 Quest Monsters – Makum Bugbear Thug, kill them.
    Talk with Turek Chief Burai again and get – Scepter of TurekScepter of Turek
  23. Turek Chief Burai

  24. Talk with Vuku Chief Driko nearby with Gludio, get – Driko’s ContractDriko's Contract
  25. Vuku Chief Driko

  26. Set off in Cruma Marshlands, hunt – Marsh Stakato Drone, until you get Stakato Drone HuskStakato Drone Husk— 30
  27. Cruma Marshlands

  28. Back to Vuku Chief Driko, get – Scepter of VukuScepter of Vuku
  29. Go back to Gandi Chief Chianta, in Dion, get Chianta’s 3rd OrderChianta's 3rd Order
  30. Gandi Chief Chianta

  31. Set off in Hunters Village, hunt – Tamlin Orc, Tamlin Orc Archer, until you get Tamlin Orc SkullTamlin Orc Skull— 20
  32. Tamlin Orcs

  33. Set off by Timak Outpost, hunt Timak Orcs, until you collect Timak Orc HeadTimak Orc Head— 20
  34. Timak Outpost

  35. Talking to Gandi Chief Chianta, in Dion, get – Scepter BoxScepter Box
  36. Talk with Seer Tanapi in Orc Village, get – Tanapi’s OrderTanapi's Order
  37. Seer Tanapi

  38. Set off by Immortal Plateau, hunt – Ragna Orc Overlord, Ragna Orc Seer, will appear – Revenant of Tantos Chief, kill it, until you get – Scepter of TantosScepter of Tantos
  39. Immortal Plateau

  40. Back to Seer Tanapi in Orc Village, get – Ceremonial BoxCeremonial Box
  41. We speak with Flame Lord Kakai in Orc Village and get reward.
  42. Flame Lord Kakai


Test of the War Spirit

  • Level: 39+
  • Race: Orcs
  • Class: Orc Shaman
  • Rewards: 894 888EXP, 61 408SP, 161 806Adena, Mark of WarspiritMark of Warspirit,
    Dimensional DiamondDimensional Diamond — 104

  1. We speak with Seer Somak in Orc Guild, in Dion
  2. Seer Somak

  3. Talk with Shadow Orim in Death Pass, get – Orim’s ContractOrim's Contract
  4. Shadow Orim

  5. Set off in Cruma Tower, hunt 1 floor:
    • Excuro, until you collect Excuro’s ScaleExcuro's Scale— 10
    • Porta, until you collect Porta’s EyePorta's Eye— 10
    • Mordeo, until you get Mordeos TalonMordeos Talon— 10
  6. Cruma Tower

  7. Back to Shadow Orim in Death Pass, get – Braki’s RemainsBraki's Remains
  8. Talk with Seer Racoy in Orc Guild Gludio, get – Racoy’s TotemRacoy's Totem
  9. Seer Racoy

  10. We go to Priestess Vivyan in Einhasad Temple, in Gludio, get – Vivyan’s LetterVivyan's Letter
  11. Priestess Vivyan

  12. Talk with Trader Sarien at the south entrance in Wasteland, get – Insect Diagram BookInsect Diagram Book
  13. Trader Sarien

  14. Set off in The Ant Nest, hunt – Noble Ant and Noble Ant Leader, until you get – Kiruna’s SkullKiruna's Skull, Kiruna’s Rib BoneKiruna's Rib Bone, Kiruna’s SpineKiruna's Spine, Kiruna’s Arm BoneKiruna's Arm Bone, Kiruna’s Thigh BoneKiruna's Thigh Bone
  15. The Ant Nest

  16. Back to Seer Racoy in Gludio, get – Kiruna’s RemainsKiruna's Remains
  17. We speak with Seer Pekiron in Orc Guild, in Oren, get – Pekiron’s TotemPekiron's Totem
  18. Seer Pekiron

  19. Set off in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt – Leto Lizardman Shaman, until you get – Tonar’s SkullTonar's Skull, Tonar’s Rib BoneTonar's Rib Bone, Tonar’s SpineTonar's Spine, Tonar’s Arm BoneTonar's Arm Bone, Tonar’s Thigh BoneTonar's Thigh Bone
  20. Plains of the Lizardmen

  21. Back to Seer Pekiron, in Oren, get – Tonar’s RemainsTonar's Remains
  22. Talk with Seer Manakia in Orc Guild Giranа, get – Manakia’s TotemManakia's Totem
  23. Seer Manakia

  24. Set off in Gorgon Flower Garden, hunt – Medusa, until you get – Hermodt’s Rib BoneHermodt's Rib Bone, Hermodt’s SpineHermodt's Spine, Hermodt’s Arm BoneHermodt's Arm Bone, Hermodt’s Thigh BoneHermodt's Thigh Bone, kill Quest Monster Stenoa Gorgon Queen, get – Hermodt’s SkullHermodt's Skull
  25. Gorgon Flower Garden

  26. Back to Seer Manakia in Giran, get – Hermodt’s RemainsHermodt's Remains
  27. Back to Seer Somak in Dion, get – Vendetta TotemVendetta Totem
  28. Seer Somak

  29. Set off in Hunters Village, hunt – Tamlin Orc and Tamlin Orc Archer, until you get Tamlin Orc HeadTamlin Orc Head— 13
  30. Tamlin Orcs

  31. Опять come back to Seer Somak in Dion, get – Braki’s RemainsBraki's Remains, Kiruna’s RemainsKiruna's Remains, Tonar’s RemainsTonar's Remains, Hermodt’s RemainsHermodt's Remains, Warspirit TotemWarspirit Totem
  32. Talk with Ancestor Martankus in Cave of Trials and get reward
  33. Cave of Trials