Marks – Tyrant

Trial of the Challenger

  1. Quest comes from Kash, which stands opposite the Warehouse in Dion. Dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is it
    • I accept


  2. Go hunt Shyslassys, stands under Undine Waterfall, guards — Cave Basilisk. Get Scroll of ShyslassysScroll of Shyslassysand Broken KeyBroken Key. Will appear Chest Of Shyslassys, open it.
  3. Shyslassys

  4. Talk with Kash in Dion, get Letter KashLetter Kash
  5. We go to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. Go hunt Gorr in the cave not far from Monster Race Track. Guards – Cave Basilisk. Get – Watcher’s 1st EyeEye, which we carry back to Martien in Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. Next target – Baraham, not far from Gorr. Kill and get Watcher’s 2nd EyeEye. At the same time, Raldo appears nearby. Talk with him:
    • I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport in Dwarven Village, go to Filaur, hes in a round building in the center
  12. Filaur

  13. Down to the very bottom Mithril Mines. Hunt Succubus Queen and her guards – Claw Of Succubus. Will appear Raldo, get reward
  14. Mithril Mines


Testimony of Glory

  1. We speak with Prefect Vokian in Orc Guild, in Giran, get – Vokian’s OrderVokian's Order
  2. Vokian

  3. Set off in Ivory Tower Crater, hunt – Manashen Gargoyle, until you get Manashen ShardManashen Shard— 10
  4. Ivory Tower Crater

  5. Set off in Death Pass, hunt – Guardian Basilisk, until you get Guardian Basilisk FangGuardian Basilisk Fang— 10
  6. Death Pass

  7. Set off in Wasteland, hunt – Tyrant, Tyrant Kingpin, until you get Tyrant’s TalonTyrant's Talon— 10
  8. Wasteland

  9. Back to Prefect Vokian, in Giran, get – Vokian’s OrderVokian's Order
  10. Talk with Gandi Chief Chianta in Orc Guild, in Dion, get Chianta’s 1st OrderChianta's 1st Order
  11. Gandi Chief Chianta

  12. We go to Seer Manakia in Orcs Guild, in Giran, get Manakia’s 1st LetterManakia's 1st Letterand Manakia’s 2nd LetterManakia's 2nd Letter
  13. Seer Manakia

  14. Talk with Breka Chief Voltar in Breka Stronghold, will appear 2 Quest Monsters – Vultus Son Of Voltar and Pashika Son Of Voltar, kill.
    Talk with Breka Chief Voltar again and get – Scepter of BrekaScepter of Breka
  15. Breka Chief Voltar

  16. We speak with Enku Chief Kepra nearby with Fortress Beehive, will appear 3 Quest Monsters – Enku Orc Overlord, kill.
    Talk with Enku Chief Kepra again and get – Scepter of EnkuScepter of Enku
  17. Enku Chief Kepra

  18. Talk with Prefect Kasman in Orc Guild, in Gludin, get Kasman’s 1st LetterKasman's 1st Letter, Kasman’s 2nd LetterKasman's 2nd Letter, Kasman’s 3rd LetterKasman's 3rd Letter
  19. Prefect Kasman

  20. We go to Leunt Chief Harak not far from Langk Lizardmen Dwellings, get – Scepter of TunathScepter of Tunath
  21. Leunt Chief Harak

  22. We speak with Turek Chief Burai in Orc Barracks, will appear 2 Quest Monsters – Makum Bugbear Thug, kill them.
    Talk with Turek Chief Burai again and get – Scepter of TurekScepter of Turek
  23. Turek Chief Burai

  24. Talk with Vuku Chief Driko nearby with Gludio, get – Driko’s ContractDriko's Contract
  25. Vuku Chief Driko

  26. Set off in Cruma Marshlands, hunt – Marsh Stakato Drone, until you get Stakato Drone HuskStakato Drone Husk— 30
  27. Cruma Marshlands

  28. Back to Vuku Chief Driko, get – Scepter of VukuScepter of Vuku
  29. Go back to Gandi Chief Chianta, in Dion, get Chianta’s 3rd OrderChianta's 3rd Order
  30. Gandi Chief Chianta

  31. Set off in Hunters Village, hunt – Tamlin Orc, Tamlin Orc Archer, until you get Tamlin Orc SkullTamlin Orc Skull— 20
  32. Tamlin Orcs

  33. Set off by Timak Outpost, hunt Timak Orcs, until you соберёте Timak Orc HeadTimak Orc Head— 20
  34. Timak Outpost

  35. Talking to Gandi Chief Chianta, in Dion, get – Scepter BoxScepter Box
  36. Talk with Seer Tanapi in Orc Village, get – Tanapi’s OrderTanapi's Order
  37. Seer Tanapi

  38. Set off by Immortal Plateau, hunt – Ragna Orc Overlord, Ragna Orc Seer, will appear – Revenant of Tantos Chief, kill it, until you get – Scepter of TantosScepter of Tantos
  39. Immortal Plateau

  40. Back to Seer Tanapi in Orc Village, get – Ceremonial BoxCeremonial Box
  41. We speak with Flame Lord Kakai in Orc Village and get reward.
  42. Flame Lord Kakai


Test of the Champion

  1. Quest starts in Oren, talk to Duelist Kaien in Warriors Guild, get – Order GludioOrder Gludio, Order DionOrder Dionа, Order GiranOrder Giranа, Order OrenOrder Orenа, Order AdenOrder Adena
  2. Kaien

  3. Go in Ivory Tower Crater, hunt – Enchanted Monstereye, until you get Enchanted Eye MeatEnchanted Eye Meat— 10
  4. Ivory Tower Crater

  5. Go in Hunters Village, by west of the village hunt –
  6. Tamlin Orc

  7. Go in Plains of the Lizardmen, hunt – Leto Lizardman Overlord, until you get Chief’s AmuletAmulet— 10
  8. Plains of the Lizardmen

  9. Go in Breka Stronghold, hunt – Breka Orc Overlord, until you get Overlord NecklaceOverlord Necklace— 10
  10. Breka Stronghold

  11. Go in Hardins Academy, hunt – Fettered Soul, until you get Fettered Soul’s ChainFettered Souls Chain— 10
  12. Hardins Academy

  13. Set off in Cruma Marshlands, hunt – Marsh Stakato Drone, until you get Drone’s ChitinChitin— 10
  14. Cruma Marshlands

  15. Go in Execution Grounds, hunt – Dead Seeker, until you get Dead Seeker FangDead Seeker Fang— 10
  16. Execution Grounds

  17. Go in Wasteland, hunt – Puncher, until you get Puncher’s ShardPunchers Shard— 10
  18. Wasteland

  19. Go in The Ant Nest, hunt – Noble Ant Leader, until you get Noble Ant LeaderNoble Ant Leader— 10
  20. The Ant Nest

  21. Return to Duelist Kaien in Warrior Guild, in Oren, get – Final OrderFinal Order
  22. Go in Cruma Tower, hunt 1st floor:
    • Krator, until you get Krator’s ShardDivine Stone of Wisdom— 3
    • Excuro, until you get Excuro’s SkinAnimal Skin— 3
  23. Cruma Tower

  24. Set off in Hardins Academy, hunt monsters – Grandis, until you get Grandi’s SkinSkin— 3
  25. Hardins Academy

  26. Go in Hunters Village, hunt – Lakin, until you get Lakin’s MaceLakins Mace— 3
  27. Lakin

  28. Go by Timak Outpost, hunt – Timak Orc Overlord, until you get Timak Orc’s BeltTimak Orcs Belt— 3
  29. Timak Outpost

  30. Talk again to Duelist Kaien in Oren and get reward.