Crushed Man

Trampled Man

  • Level: 65
  • Features:UndeadLight ArmorElement of FireStrong Fiz. It's a snare.Element of Fire

    Raised from the graves with the help of Black Magic, curse or evil will, most of these creatures lack the mind, so that they are able to perform only the simplest actions. Nevertheless, the supreme undead possesses extensive knowledge in comparison with ordinary mortals.

    Light Armor:
    Weak Fiz. It's a snare. Strong Dodging.

    Attack of Darkness:
    Releases dark energy.

    Vulnerability to the Holy Attack:
    Vulnerable to sacred attacks.

    Vulnerability to Fire:
    Vulnerability to fire attacks.

  • Location: Forest of the Restless
  • Health: 3,465
  • Experience: 6,267Exp
  • Skills points: 582Sp
  • Tinctures: Fall Out
  • Aggression: no
Crushed Man

Crushed Man