The Forbidden Gateway

The Forbidden Gateway

The place where the vicious goddess Shilen gave birth to six dragons and made them gods of death. According to legend, the army of light defeated her, but could not kill her. She and her children were for printed in this site. Since then, many religious studies have been carried out there, priests and fanatics gather. Some of them are very strange. They want to kill not only the Dark Elfs who serve Shilen, but also the servants of the goddess of light, as well as other gods. Observers directed by religious societies and prompted to end such blasphemy cannot overcome their revulsion.

The Forbidden Gateway

The Forbidden Gateway


Monster NameLevelXP / SP

Doom Knight

65 lvl
10 379 exp/ 965 sp


64 lvl
7 219 exp/ 661 sp


63 lvl
6 927 exp/ 625 sp


62 lvl
6 843 exp/ 610 sp

Crimson Drake

61 lvl
6 558 exp/ 577 sp

Blood Queen

60 lvl
4 536 exp/ 472 sp


Monster NameLevelXP / SP

Raid Boss Bloody Empress Decarbia

75 lvl
5 231 148 exp/ 864 099 sp

Raid Boss Palibati Queen Themis

70 lvl
4 596 479 exp/ 802 604 sp