Each race has a certain set of basic characteristics that affect the character’s performance:

  • STR – Strength, influenced by Physical Attack, Character’s Crit Power, Maximum Carried Weight (less than CON).
  • DEX – Dexterity, influenced by Attack Speed, Accuracy, Dodge, Critical Attack Chance, Shield Defense Chance, and Character Speed.
  • CON – Endurance, influenced by Max HP and Max CP, HP regeneration rate, maximum tolerated Weight, lung capacity, damage from being under water, resistance to Stun and Bleeding, increases resistance to poison.
  • INT – Intelligence, affected by the character’s Magic Attack and the chance of applying Debuffs by target.
  • WIT – Wisdom, affects by Speed of Magic, the amount of experience restored when resurrected.
  • MEN – Affects by Magic Def., Maximum MP, MP recovery rate, reduces the chance of spell interruption by damage, resistance to mental attacks, resistance to paralysis, resistance to curses.

To get a tattoo, you must contact a Tattoo Maker. You need to bring him 10 colors of the desired type and a small application fee.

Tattoo Maker

Normal dyes can be used by characters with the first class transfer. New paints can only be used by characters with a second class transfer. Common dyes can be purchased from the Dye Merchant, the best dyes are obtained by Spoil, General Craft (using fishing) or Traded with Mammon Merchant.

Lineage 2 Dye Merchant

More than by +5 the base stat cannot be raised with a tattoo. That is, 2 tattooed +3 and +4 will still give a +5 bonus, not +7. You can unlimitedly lower the base characteristics with the help of tattoos, but it will never go down by 0, the maximum is -18, but if the base characteristic was 16, then it will become 1.