Mark quests – Menestrel



A test of bravery

  1. The quest is taken from Cash," who stands in front of a warehouse in Dion. Phrases in the dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is waiting for you
    • Accept its terms (I accept)


  2. We go to kill Shislassys," stands under Undine Waterfall, guarded by Cave Basilisk. After killing the jellyfish, the Scroll of Shyslassys The Shislasis Scrolland Broken Key are givenBroken Key. Nearby will appear chest Chest Of Shyslassys, which can be opened with this key, "talking" to him.
  3. Shislasis

  4. Talk to Kash in Dion, get Cash's LetterCash's letter
  5. Going to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. We go to kill Gorr in a cave near Monster Race Track. Security – Cave Basilisk. After her murder, you'll get –
    Observer's 1st Eye, whichThe Eye of the Observer is carried back by Martien to Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. The next target is Baraham, not far from where Gorr was. We kill it and get the Observer '2nd Eye.The Eye of the Observer' At the same time, Raldo appears nearby. Talk to him:
    • I'm here to kill the monsters that threaten the villagers.
      I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Sign of the Contender and Martyn
      Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I'll help.
      I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport to the Village of dwarves, go to Filaur, he is in a round building in the center
  12. Philar

  13. We go down to the bottom of the Mythril Mine. We find and kill the queen Succubus queen and her guard – Claw Of Succubus. He'll get a reward.
  14. Mythril Mine


The test of life

  1. Talking to Master Cardien at the Warriors Guild in Dion, receive – Cardien's LetterLineage 2
  2. Кардиен

  3. Talk to Hierarch Asterios at the Temple of Eva in the Elven Village, get moonflower ChaLineage 2rm and Hierarch's LetterLineage 2
  4. Астериос

  5. We go to Thalia on the eastern shore of Rainbow Lake, get – Grail DiagramLineage 2
  6. Thalia

  7. Talking to Blacksmith Pushkin in The Grauzn, get – Pushkin's ListLineage 2
  8. Pushkin

  9. Go to Death Valley, Hunt – Snake, Vasilisk Guardian until you collect the Snake Fang (WLineage 2yrm's Talon) – 20 pieces, Pure Mithril
    OreDivine Stone of Wisdom) – 10
  10. Death Pass

  11. We go to Ant-Man, hunt Ant Soldier, Warrior Ant Ant, Ant Recruit, Ant Soldier Acid – 20 piLineage 2eces.
  12. Муравейник

  13. Back to Blacksmith Pushkin in Gearan, get – Pure Mithril CupCox
  14. Go back to Thalia to Rainbow Lake, get – 1st Letter talia (Thalia's 1st Letter)Письмо
  15. Talk to the Arkenia Witch at the Altar of Rites, get arkenia's Contract Lineage 2and Arkenia's InstructionsLineage 2
  16. Mysterious Dark Elf

  17. Talking to Priest Adonius at the Temple of Einhasad, in Gludine, Receive – Adonius's listLineage 2
  18. Адониус

  19. Go to Topi Kruma, hunt – Swamp Spider, until you collect Spider Ichor – 20 Lineage 2pieces.
  20. Топи Крумы

  21. Go to the Gorgon Flower Garden, hunt – Harpy until you collect Harpy's Down – 20 Lineage 2pieces.
  22. Сад Цветов Горгон

  23. Go back to Priest Adonius, gludin, get a copy of the Andariel Scripture CopyLineage 2
  24. We speak again with the Arkenia Witch at the Altar of Rites, get – StardustLineage 2
  25. Talk to Talia on the eastern shore of Rainbow Lake, get – 2nd Letter Talia's 2nd LetterLineage 2
  26. Thalia

  27. Talking to Isael Silvershadow in the Village of Hunters, Get – Isael's InstructionsLineage 2
  28. Изаэль

  29. Go to the Lizard Valley, hunt for:Shaman Lizards Lito, Until You Get – Talin's Spear Lineage 2Blade and Talin's Spear ShafLineage 2tLito Lizards Are Not Yet – Ruby Talin'sEnria Ruby, Talin's AquamarAzofine, Talin's AmethystTons and Talin's PeridotLineage 2
  30. Plains of the Lizardmen

  31. Return to Isael Silvershadow in the Hunter Village, get – Talins SpearLineage 2 and Isael's LetterLineage 2
  32. We talk to Talia again on the eastern shore of Rainbow Lake
  33. Next to Rainbow Lake, we kill withLineage 2 the help of The Talins Spear ,Tears of Unicorn)Слезы Единорога
  34. Единорог Евы

  35. Back to Thalia on the eastern shore of Rainbow Lake
  36. Thalia

  37. Talk to Hierarch Asterios at the Temple of Eva, in the Elven Village, get – Camomile CharmLineage 2
  38. Talk to Master Cardien at the Warriors Guild, in Dion, and receive an award


A test of force

  1. The quest begins in Oren, talk to Duelist Kaien in the WarriorS Guild, receiLineage 2ve – Order GludiLineage 2o, Order Dion, OrLineage 2der Giran, OrderLineage 2 Oren, Order AdenLineage 2
  2. Каен

  3. We go to the Crater of the Ivory Tower, hunt – Enchanted Monstroz, until you collect the Meat of the Enchanted Eye Eye – 10 Lineage 2pieces.
  4. Кратер Башни Слоновой Кости

  5. We go to the Hunter Village, west of the village hunt –
    • Orc Tamlin until you collect The Ring of Orc Tamlin (Tamrin Orc's
      RinLineage 2g) – 10
    • Tamlin's Orc shooter until we collect Tamrin Orc's ArroLineage 2w – 10
  6. Орк Тамлин

  7. We go to the Valley of the Lizards, hunt – the Lord of the Lizards Lito, until we collect the Amulet of the Lord (Chief's Amulet) –Lineage 2 10 pieces.
  8. Plains of the Lizardmen

  9. We go to the Breca Fortifications, hunt – the Lord of the Orcs of Breck, until you collect the Necklace of the Lord (Overlord Necklace) –Lineage 2 10 pieces.
  10. Укрепление Брека

  11. We go to the Hardin Academy, hunt – Captive Soul, until you collect the Chain of Captive Souls (Fettered Soul's Chain) – Lineage 210 pieces.
  12. Академия Хардина

  13. Go to Topi Kruma, Hunt – The Slug swamp stakato, until you collect Hitin's Chitin – 10 Lineage 2pieces.
  14. Топи Крумы

  15. We go to the Land of the Executed, hunt – The Eater of the Dead, until you collect the Dead Seeker Fang – 10Lineage 2 pieces.
  16. Execution Grounds

  17. We go to the Wasteland, kill monsters – Gromila, until you collect Thunderbolt (Puncher's Shard) – 1Lineage 20 pieces.
  18. Пустошь

  19. We go to Ant-Man, hunt – The leader of the Elite Ants, until you collect Usik Elite Ant Leader – 10Lineage 2 pieces.
  20. Муравейник

  21. Return to Duelist Kaien to the WarriorS Guild, in Oren, get – Final OrderLineage 2
  22. We go to Kruma Tower, hunt on the 1st floor:
    • Krator, until you collect the Krator's Shard, isDivine Stone of Wisdom 3 pc.
    • Excuro, until you collect Excuro's Skin – 3 pAnimal skinieces.
  23. Cruma Tower

  24. Go to Hardin Academy, kill the monsters – Grandis, until you collect Grandi's Skin – 3 pLineage 2ieces.
  25. Академия Хардина

  26. We go to the Hunter Village, hunt – Lakin, until you collect Bulava Lakin (Lakin's Mace) – 3Lineage 2 pieces.
  27. Лакин

  28. We go to the Timak Outpost, hunt – Lord of the Orcs Timak, until we collect the Orca Orc's Belt – 3 Lineage 2pieces.
  29. Timak Outpost

  30. We speak again with Duelist Kaien in Oren and receive an award.