Rogue Path

Path of the Rogue

  1. Talk to Captain Bezique at Gludin's western gate. He will give – Besik's LetterBesik's letter
  2. Captain Bezik

  3. Take Neti's letter to Gludin. It will give you Neti's DaggerNeti's Dagger and Neti's Bow, wOnion Netihich you are required to use throughout the job.
  4. Neti

  5. Go to ruins of Agony. Hunt there with a bow or dagger on the Ghost Skeletons and Skeletons until you type
    Spartoi's BonesSkeleton Bones – 10
  6. Ruins of Suffering

  7. Take Spartoi's BonesSkeleton Bones to Gludin. It will give Horseshoe of LightHorseshoe Light
  8. Give the tiptoe to Captain Bezique and get the Most Wanted ListList of Particularly Dangerous
  9. With the released weapon hunt on the Cat's Eye Bandit zuest Monster , until you collect:
    Stolen NecklaceStolen Necklace, Stolen Tomes,Stolen Book Stolen Jewelry Stolen Decorationand Stolen RingStolen Ring
  10. Abandoned Camp

  11. Return the collected items to Captain Bezique to Gludin. He will give – Bezique's RecommendationBesik's recommendation
  12. After reaching level 20, talk to any Grand Master in the Warriors Guild and get a profession – Rogue