Flinders Pilgrim

Pilgrim of Splendor

  • Level: 63
  • Features:AngelsLight ArmorThe average magician. It's a snare.Poisoning
  • Angels:
    Beings from heaven or a race that has received a holy blessing and originate from the spirits of light. In particularly rare cases, angels can convey the messages of the gods and be an instrument of their will.

    Light Armor:
    Weak Fiz. It's a snare. Strong Dodging.

    Magician. Sat.:
    The average magician. It's a snare.

    A toxin that gradually reduces HP. Effect 7.

  • Location: Valley of the Saints
  • Health: 3,302
  • Experience: 9,944Exp
  • Skills points: 898Sp
  • Tinctures: Fall Out
  • Aggression: Yes
Flinders Pilgrim

Flinders Pilgrim