Prayer Necropolis

Necropolis of Devotion

  • Territory: Oren's Land
  • Recommended level: 60 degrees
  • Tinctures: Don't Fall Out

The dungeons are attributed to each to their seal – necropolises belong to the Seal of Greed, the catacombs – to the Seal of Knowledge. It doesn't affect which stamp you chose when you signed up, these two or the third. Located you can in any of the dungeons, in any of the events without any restrictions, if your side wins.

Prayer Necropolis

Prayer Necropolis


Monster nameLevelXP / SP

Scout Nephilim
(Nephilim Scout)

66 ur.
27 475Exp / 2 586Sp

Assassin Lilym
(Lilim Assassin)

66 ur.
27 475Exp / 2 586Sp

Knight Lilym
(Lilim Knight)

63 ur.
25 957Exp / 2 344Sp

The Buried Sage
(Sepulcher Sage)

62 ur.
16 679Exp / 1 486Sp

Priest Lilym
(Lilim Seer)

60 ur.
17 291Exp / 1 501Sp

Bishop Nephilim
(Nephilim Bishop)

60 ur.
18 777Exp / 1 630Sp