Farming – allows you to simultaneously make a profit for castle owners and ordinary players, as well as fill the market with the necessary goods and resources.

For ordinary players who are not members of clans that own castles, farming is the purchase of seeds, sowing them into monsters during the hunt, harvesting and exchanging the fruits obtained for certain resources. In order to start farming, you need seeds and a ScytheScythe

Each city has 1-2 NPCs – Manor Manager. Through him, the purchase and sale of seeds and fruits is carried out, and you can also buy a scythe from him. From the Manor Manager, you can see information about which cities in which seeds are on sale, and which fruits are being bought by this or that castle.

Manor Manager

There are 2 types of seeds – regular and new. Accordingly, ordinary fruits are obtained from ordinary seeds, new fruits are obtained from new ones. The base chance of sowing ordinary seeds is 100%, the base chance of new seeds is 10-20%. When using ordinary seeds, after planting the seed and killing the monster, you will only receive adena or seal stones as trophies, the assignment is preserved. When using new seeds, trophies for killing a monster are saved.


  • You are using the grain on the monster. The spoil animation plays, after which your character attacks the monster. Depending on the type of seed, the difference in level between your character, monster and seed, a planting attempt may be successful or unsuccessful.
  • Certain seeds can only be used on certain monsters that inhabit the Hunting Zones belonging to the castle where you bought the seeds.
  • Each seed is written for monsters of what level it is suitable. The chance of successful collection decreases the more the difference in level between the monster and your character.
  • After you kill a monster, you must use a scythe on its corpse. You will harvest the fruit of the sown seed.
FruitLvlCityReward – 1Reward – 2
Dark CodaDark Coda5-15Gludio, Oren, SchuttgartstemStembraid hempBraided Hemp
Red CodaRed Coda8-18Gludio, Oren, SchuttgartVarnishVarnishcokesCokes
Chilly CodaChilly Coda11-21Gludio, Oren, SchuttgartsuedeSuedeorichalcum oreOriharukon Ore
Blue CodaBlue Coda14-24Gludio, Dion, Oren, Schuttgartanimal skinAnimal Skincrafted leatherCrafted Leather
Golden CodaGolden Coda17-27Gludio, Dion, Oren, SchuttgartthreadThreadMithril OreMithril Ore
Lute CodaLute Coda20-30Gludio, Dion, Schuttgartiron oreIron Oremetallic fiberMetallic Fiber
Desert CodaDesert Coda23-33Gludio, Dion, SchuttgartcoalCoalAdamantite NuggetAdamantite Nugget
Red CobolRed Cobol26-36Gludio, Dion, Giran, SchuttgartcharcoalCharcoalenriaEnria
Chilly CobolChilly Cobol29-39Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren, Innadril Territory, Schuttgartanimal boneAnimal BonesteelSteel
Blue CobolBlue Cobol32-42Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren, Innadril Territory, Schuttgartsilver nuggetSilver NuggetthonsThons
Thorn CobolThorn Cobol35-45Dion, Giran, Aden, Oren, Innadril Territory, SchuttgartstemStemMetallic ThreadMetallic Thread
Golden CobolGolden Cobol38-48Dion, Giran, Aden, Oren, Innadril Territory, SchuttgartvarnishVarnishmold glueMold Glue
Great CobolGreat Cobol41-51Dion, Giran, Aden, Oren, Innadril Territory, SchuttgartsuedeSuedeHigh-grade SuedeHigh-grade Suede
Red CodranRed Codran44-54Dion, Giran, Aden, Oren, Innadril Territory, Schuttgartanimal skinAnimal SkinasofeAsofe
Sea CodranSea Codran44-55Dion, Giran, Aden, Oren, Innadril Territory, SchuttgartthreadThreadcordCord
Chilly CodranChilly Codran47-57Gludio, Giran, Aden, Oren, Schuttgartiron oreIron Oremold hardenderMold Hardender
Blue CodranBlue Codran50-60Gludio, Giran, Aden, Oren, SchuttgartcoalCoalleatherLeather
Twin CodranTwin Codran53-63Gludio, Giran, Aden, Oren, Schuttgart, RunecharcoalCharcoalmold lubricantMold Lubricant
Great CodranGreat Codran68-78Gludio, Giran, Aden, Runeanimal boneAnimal BonecbpCoarse Bone Powder
Desert CodranDesert Codran59-69Gludio, Giran, Aden, Goddard, Runesilver nuggetSilver Nuggetdurable metal plateDurable Metal Plate
Blue CobaBlue Coba62-72Gludio, Giran, Aden, Goddard, Runecrafted leatherCrafted Leathermold glueMold Glue
Red CobaRed Coba65-75Innadril Territory, Giran, Aden, Goddard, Runesynthetic cokesSynthetic Cokesmold lubricantMold Lubricant
Gold CobaGold Coba68-78Innadril Territory, Giran, Oren, Aden, Goddard, RunevopVarnish of Puritymold hardenderMold Hardender
Desert CobaDesert Coba71-81Innadril Territory, Oren, Aden, Goddard, RuneasofeAsofemaMithrill Alloy
Sea CobaSea Coba74-84Innadril Territory, Oren, Aden, Goddard, Rune, SchuttgartthonsThonsenriaEnria
Twin CobaTwin Coba77-87Innadril Territory, Aden, Goddard, Rune, SchuttgartvarnishHigh-grade SuedeOriharukonOriharukon
King CobaKing Coba80-90Goddard, RuneMetallic ThreadMetallic Threaddurable metal plateDurable Metal Plate

Harvesting starts at a random time from 20.00 to 20.08, when the delivery begins, you see not a complete list for the delivery of fruits, but some kind of random set, you need to click refresh until your fruits appear. By clicking on the “Change” button, you can select the castle in which you will sell fruits, and change the number of fruits sold.

Farming for castle owners:

  • The lord of the castle manages the settings of the holdings through the Chamberlain in the throne room of the castle.
  • Ownership parameters can be set from 20.00 to 4.30 the next day. At 4.30, money is written off from the treasury of the castle, if the funds in the treasury of the castle were not enough for payment, then the farming system in the castle is suspended.