The Magic of Fire – h. 1

Magical Power of Fire – Part 1

  1. Talk with Varka's Messenger Naran Ashanuk at the Fawn Varka Camp
  2. Ashanuk

  3. Talk to Soul Guide Udan Mardui at the Fawn Varka Favno Camp
  4. Guide Dos Udan Mardui

  5. Go to the Ketra Orcs Outpost, make your way to the center of the Outpost and open the chest with the help of The Thief KeKeyy. Talk to the chest, the plug is used automatically and you will get – Stolen Red TotemStolen Red Totem
  6. Ketra's Chest

  7. Return to soul guide Udan Mardui at The Fawn Varka Camp