The Magic of Water – h. 1

Magical Power of Water – Part 1

  1. Talking to Ketra's Messenger Wahkan at the entrance to the Ketra Orc Outpost of Ketra
  2. Wahkan Herald

  3. Go to Asefa, standing at the tents in the center of the Orc outpost of Ketra, he asks to steal – Green Totem (Stolen Green Totem), frStolen Green Totemom the chest in the enemy camp. To do this, we will need – The Box (Thief KeThief Keyy), buy in the city
  4. Asefa

  5. It is necessary to pass unnoticed! We go to the Fawn Varka Camp, behind the leader's house – Udan Mardui's Chest, get – Green Totem (Stolen Green Totem)Stolen Green Totem
  6. Udana Mardui's Chest

  7. Return to Asefa and receive an award – Divine Stone of WisdomDivine Stone of Wisdom