Growing Up the Dragon

Little Wing's Big Adventure

  • Level: 45
  • Pet level: 55
  • Reward: Depends on the type of pet – Dragon BugWind Dragon's Hornle of Wind, Dragon Bugle ofDragon's Horn of the Stars Star, Dragon Bugle of TwilightDragon's Mountain Twilight
  1. We speak to Elder Cronos in the Huntsman Village. The dragon must be called
  2. Kronos

  3. We go to Fairy Mimyu in the Magic Valley, get Fairy Sheets – 4 Lineage 2pieces.
  4. Fairy Mimya

  5. Go to the Magic Valley, looking for 4 trees:
    • Twilight Tree:

    • The Magic Twilight Tree

      • The dragon must attack the tree. The Soul of the Tree Guardian will attack the dragon. One option is — sleep, it is necessary to lull all the guards, it is better en masse
      • If you hit the tree yourself, we get a strong poisoning.
      • A dragon shouldn't kill a tree. Revival – 5-15 minutes
      • The tree needs to be treated
      • It takes about 100 strokes, after which, from the inventory will disappear one leaf
      • Let's go to the next tree
    • Star Tree

    • Magic Tree of the Star

    • Wind Tree

      The Magic Tree of the Wind

    • Abyss Tree

    • The Magic Tree of the Abyss

  6. After all 4 trees return to Fairy Mimyu in the Magic Valley, during the conversation the dragon must be called. Getting an adult strider