Little Wing

  • Level: 35
  • Award: Accidentally – Flute of WiThe Wind Flutend, Dragonflute of StaFlute Starsr, Dragonflute of TwilightFlute Twilight

  1. Talking to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran
  2. Pet Manager Cooper

  3. Talk to Elder Cronos in the Huntsman Village, choose which fairy stone to bring – FairFairy Stoney Stone or Luxury Fairy StoneLuxury Fairy Stone
  4. Wiseman Cronos

  5. Talking to Maria at the Shop in Dion
  6. Maria

  7. We go to Topi Kruma, hunt – Lord Toeb, until you collect:
    • On Fairy Stone – The SkFairy Stonein of the Toad Lord
      (Toad Lord Back SkThe Skin of the Toad Lordin) – 10
    • On The Luxury Fairy StonLuxury Fairy Stonee – Toad Lord Back SkinThe Skin of the Toad Lord – 20
  8. Cruma Marshlands

  9. Carry Maria's resources:
  10. Return to Elder Cronos in the Hunter Village
  11. Talking to Guard Byron at the northern exit of the Hunter Village
  12. Guard Byron

  13. Talk to Fairy Mimyu in Magic Valley
    With the Luxury Fairy Stone , in the MagiDeluxe Fairy Stonec Valley do not kill anyone, otherwise we will break.
  14. Mimyu

  15. Choose a drake and go to him:
    • Drake Exarion:

      1. Talking to Drake Exarion near Oren, Get – Scale of Drake ExarionDrake Escarion Scales
      2. Drake Exarion

      3. Hunt in lizard valley Warrior lizards Lito, until you collect the Egg of Drake Exarion Egg – 20Drake Escarion's Egg pieces.
      4. Plains of the Lizardmen

      5. Back to Drake Exarion
    • Drake zwov:

      1. We're talking to Drake zwov at the end of the river next to Rainbow Lake, get – Scale of Drake zovDrake's Scales
      2. Drake Zwov

      3. Hunt in Kruma's Swamp – Swamp Spider until you collect Drake's Egg of Drake zwov – 20Drake's Egg pieces.
      4. Cruma Marshlands

      5. Back to Drake zwov
    • Drake Kalibran:

      1. Talking to Drake Kalibran near Oren, get – Scale of Drake KalibranDrake's Scales Caliban
      2. Drake Kalibran

      3. Hunt in Death Valley – Roadside Scavenger until you collect Drake Kalibran's Egg of DraDrake's Egg Calibanke – 20
      4. Death Pass

      5. Back to Drake Kalibran
    • Drake Suzet:

      1. Talking to Drake Suzet next to The Guerrilla Fortification, get – Scale of Drake SuzetDrake's Scales Suzet
      2. Drake Suzet

      3. Hunt in the Breck Fortifications – The Lord of the Breck Orcs, until you collect the Egg of Drake Suzet Egg – 2Drake's Egg Suzet0 pieces.
      4. Breka Stronghold

      5. Back to Drake Suzet
    • Drake Shamhai:

      1. Talking to Drake Shamhai near Death Valley, get – Scale of Drake ShamhaiDrake Shamhai Scales
      2. Drake Shamhai

      3. Hunt on the Land of the Executed – The Eater of the Dead, until you collect the Egg of Drake Shamhai Egg – 20Drake Shamhai Egg pieces.
      4. Execution Grounds

      5. Back to Drake Shamhai

  16. After all the adventures, we return to The Fairy Mimyu in the Magic Valley, get a dragon if you make a Luxury Fairy Stone – you Luxury Fairy Stonecan get A Dragon Feed (Food For Hatchling) and eDragon's Feedven a weapon for a dragon costing 400,000Aden
  17. When the dragon reaches level 55 you can complete the quest – Growing Up Dragon