The Knight's Way

Path of the Human Knight

  1. The quest begins with Sir Klaus Vasper next to the Warriors Guild in Gludin
  2. Sir Klaus Vasper

  3. Talk to High Priestess Levian at Einhasad Temple, in Gludin. She will ask to bring:
    Lizardman's TotemLizard Totem – 20
  4. High Priestess Of Lourlyse Levian

  5. Talk to Captain Bezique at Gludin's western gate. He will ask to bring:
    Venomous Spider's LegVenomlike Spider's Paw – 20
  6. Captain Bezik

  7. Go to Windmill Hill. Hunt there on any Langk Lizards, Hunters Arachnids and Poison Spiders until you type Lizardman's Totem – 20 Lizard Totempieces.
  8. Windmill Hill

  9. Return to Captain Bezique and High Priestess Levian in Gludine to get each lord's Coin of LordsLord's Coin
  10. Go to Gludio and talk to Captain Bathis in the city centre.
  11. Captain Batis

  12. Go to the Hunting Lands of Evil and hunt there on the Cannibal Raiders until you collect the Bugbear Necklace – 1Ludoed's necklace0 pieces.
  13. Hunting Lands of Evil

  14. Return to Captain Bathis to Gludio for the last Coin of LordsLord's Coin
  15. Head back to Gludin to See Sir Klaus Vasper and receive the award
  16. After reaching level 20, talk to any Grand Master in the Warriors Guild and get a profession – Knight