Helping Uncle

Help the Uncle!

  • Level: 25
  • Reward: Pet Exchange: BuffaloPet Exchange: Buffalo

  1. Talking to Pet Manager Waters in Dion
  2. Pet Manager Waters

  3. Buy – Trident (iTridentn the gun shop Aden– 409,000), return to Pet Manager Waters
  4. We go to the Plains of Dion, hunt – Monster-eyed Warden and Monster-Eyed Destroyer, until you collect scraps of Map (Map Piece) – 3Card scraps0 pieces.
  5. Plains of Dion

  6. Back to Pet Manager Waters in Dion
  7. Talking to Captain Mercenaries Sophia (Sophya) in Dion
  8. Sophya

  9. Go for the award to Pet Manager Waters
    Now you can exchange the coupon – Pet Exchange:Pet Exchange: Buffalo Buffalo, for Baby Buffalo (Baby Buffalo) from any Pet Specialist.
    Get an object – Baby Buffalo PanpipeBuffalo Cub Svirel