Helping my sister

Help the Sister!

  • Level: 25
  • Reward: Pet Exchange: KuguarPet Exchange: Kuguar

  1. Talking to Pet Manager Cooper in Giran
  2. Pet Manager Cooper

  3. Buy – Crafted Dagger (iForged Daggern the gun store Aden– 315,000), return to Pet Manager Cooper
  4. We go to the Land of the Executed, hunt – Spectrum and the Sad Virgin, until you collect scraps of Map (Map Piece) – Card scraps30 pieces.
  5. Execution Grounds

  6. Back to Pet Manager Cooper in Gearan
  7. We talk to Trader Galladucci at the Prestigious Goods Shop in Giran
  8. Trader Galladucci

  9. Go for the award to Pet Manager Cooper
    Now you can exchange the coupon – Pet Exchange: Pet Exchange: KuguarKuguar, for the Cub Cougar (Baby Cougar) from any Pet Specialist.
    Let's get an object – The Bell of the Cub (Baby Cougar Chime)The Bell of the Coot Kuguar