Get a pet

Get a pet

  • Level: 15+
  • Reward: Wolf CollarLineage 2 Wolf Collar

  1. We go to Gludin to Pet Manager Martin, talk to him, get a list of monsters:

    Pet Manager Martin

  2. Go back to Gludin to Pet Manager Martin, we get – Animal Lover’s List Animal Lover's List
  3. Talk to Gatekeeper Bella at Gludio
  4. Gatekeeper Bella

  5. Now talk to Guard Metty at the south gate of Dion
  6. Guard Metty

  7. Last on the list is Trader Ellie at the Accessory Shop at Giran
  8. Trader Ellie

  9. Go back to Gludin to Pet Manager Martin. You need to pass the test, if you answered the questions correctly, you will receive the Wolf CollarWolf Collar. If you fail the test, you will have to run through all the guys from the list.

At level 55, it can be exchanged for a Great Wolf



  • What kind of wolf leads the rest when hunting in a pack?
    – Male
  • What are the oldest and most primitive type of wolves found in Aden?
    – Dire Wolf
  • How is a wolf’s tail normally positioned?
    – Its tail is always pointing straight down
  • How far (in kilometers) can a wolf’s smell reach?
    – 2.4 km
  • Which of the following do not describe the life of a wolf?
    – A pregnant wolf makes its home in a wide open place to have its babies
  • The following connections are made between the wolves and their habitats. Which is not correct?
    – Orc – Black Wolf
  • The wolf is a meat-eating mammal of the canine family. Which animal among the following is not a meat-eating mammal of the canine family?
    – No answer
  • Which of the following is not a part of the wolf’s diet?
    – No answer
  • Pets are very useful to their owners. Which of the following is not an appropriate use of pet?
    – Can be sent to the village to buy items
  • What a maximum delay allowed before ressurection becomes impossible?
    – 24 hours
  • Which of the following is the correct description of a wolf?
    – A grown wolf is still not as heavy as a fully-grown male adult human
  • What is the normal lifespan of a wolf in captivity?
    – 12 – 15 years
  • Which is not a proper description of the breeding of wolfes?
    – Pregnancy is nine months
  • What is the best way to train your pet?
    – When taking down a monster, always have a pets company.