Four Goblets

Four Goblets

  • Level: 74+
  • Rewards: Antique BroochAntique Brooch

Four Goblets

You need to go through the mausoleums with monsters and raid – the Shadow of Halisha, which will be in the last room.

The passage to the mausoleum opens once per hour.

There are 4 mausoleums in total: the Conqueror’s Sepulcher, the Emperor’s Sepulcher, the Judge’s Sepulcher and the Great Sage’s Sepulcher. All of them are identical in the passage with one difference – at the end of each mausoleum there are different Shadows of Halisha, which in turn after death give different cups (Alectia Cup, Tisha Cup, Mekar Cup, Marigula Cup)

To enter the mausoleum, each party member must have an Entrance Pass to the SepulcherEntrance Pass to the Sepulcher, which drops from monsters in Tomb of the Emperors.

To enter the mausoleum, the group leader must talk to the teleport obelisk, which stands near the mausoleum gate.

After teleporting to the first room of the mausoleum, you will have 5 minutes by preparation.

  1. 1st room – Baron’s Hall. We talk with the Mysterious Box. Monsters appear. Our task is to kill the Halisha’s Officer. After killing him, a Key Box will appear, talking to which gives – Chapel Key Chapel Key required to open the door to the next room. To open the door talk to Baron’s Hall Gatekeeper
  2. 2nd room – Viscount’s Hall. We talk with the Mysterious Box, call the monsters. Objective: Kill monsters until until appears Key Box. After the Key Box appears, talk to him – get the Chapel KeyChapel Keyto open the door to the next room. The door is opened at the Viscount’s Hall Gatekeeper
  3. 3rd room – Count’s Hall. We talk with the Mysterious Box, call the monsters. An NPC appears along with the monsters – Victim. He will cry for help. You can either wait until the monsters kill him or try to save him and in this case you can get additional buffs from him in the following rooms.

    If the victim is killed, then a mini-raid boss appears in his place – Executioner of Halisha, if saved, then Boss will appear after some time. Boss must be killed, after killing him a Key Box will appear, by talking to him we get the Chapel KeyChapel Key. Speak with Count’s Hall Gatekeeper

  4. 4th room – Marqui’s Hall. We talk with the Mysterious Box, call the monsters. Our task is to kill the monster Brigadier Halisha’s Foreman. After killing him, a Key Box appears. Speak with him, get the Chapel KeyChapel Key. Then talk to the Marquis’ Hall Gatekeeper and enter the next room.
  5. 5th room – Duke’s Hall. We talk with the Mysterious Box. Monsters and statues appear. We have to kill all the monsters and all the statues, after which new monsters and a quest monster will appear – Quest Monster Archon of Halisha. After killing this monster, a Key Box appears, talk to him, get – Chapel KeyChapel Key. Speak with Guardian of the Portal of the Hall of Dukes, we pass into the next room.
  6. 6th room – Halisha’s Hall. In the last room is the raid boss Shadow of Halisha. There are 4 such raid bosses in total, with different drops. For each slain raid boss, a corresponding cup is given: Goblet of AlectiaGoblet of Alectia, Goblet of TishasGoblet of Tishas, Goblet of MekaraGoblet of Mekara, Goblet of MorigulGoblet of Morigul
  7. After killing the Shadow of Halisha, an NPC will appear in the center of Halisha’s Hall, a conversation with which will lead you to an otherwise inaccessible part of the Piligrim’s Temple. Here you will find – Ghost Chamberlain of Elmoreden, who will exchange your – 1000 Broken Relic Part by any (optional) recipe for S grade weapon. In addition, many chests appear in the room, which open from the 1st hit, money and resources fall from them very abundantly.

    After collecting all 4 bowls, talk to the Nameless Spirit. The result of the conversation will be the appearance in your quest inventory – Antique BroochAntique Brooch, giving you the ability to teleport at any time in Four Goblets (The Four Sepulchers).

    While hunting by monsters inside The Four Sepulcher, you will be dropped in the quest inventory – Sealed BoxSealed Boxthey can be opened both from the Ghost Chamberlain of Elmoreden, located at the entrance to Piligrim’s Temple, and from the one that stands inside it. When you open these boxes, you can accidentally be given some kind of composite resource, 10 000 Adenaadena, high grade resources (Mithril OreMithril Ore, Oriharukon OreOriharukon Ore), pieces of weapons, jewelry or armor of S grade or scrolls of improving armor or weapons of grades from B to S.

    Duration of stay in the Tomb is limited and is 50 minutes. During this time, you need to go through all the rooms and kill the Shadow of Halisha. Every 5 minutes, the state of time is reported in shout, according to the messages, you can navigate how much time is left for the group to complete the quest.