Fates Whisper

Fate’s Whisper

  1. Talk with Maestro Reorin nearby со Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  2. Мастер Reorin

  3. Go to The Cemetery, collect – Reiria’s Soul OrbReiria's Soul Orb from the chest, after killing Raid Boss Shilens Messenger Cabrio
  4. Shilens Messenger Cabrio

  5. Back to Maestro Reorin in Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  6. Set off in Tower of Insolence, take Raid Boss chests:
  7. Tower of Insolence

  8. Again come back to Maestro Reorin in Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  9. Talk with Warehouse Freightman Cliff in Warehouse Orenа, get – Infernium VarnishInfernium Varnish
  10. Warehouse Freightman Cliff

  11. Back to Maestro Reorin in Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  12. Speak with Head Blacksmith Ferris in Forge of Adena, get – Maestro Reorin’s HammerMaestro Reorin's Hammer
  13. Head Blacksmith Ferris

  14. Back to Maestro Reorin in Sel Mahum Training Grounds
  15. Speak with Trader Zenkin in Weapons and Armor shop in Oren
  16. Trader Zenkin

  17. Talk with Master Kaspar in Hardins Academy

    Master Kaspar

  18. Talk with Master Hanellin in Dark Elf Guild in Adenе. Complete quest – An Arrogant Search

  19. Master Hanellin

  20. Needed to stab Baium with Pipette KnifePipette Knife, get – Red Pipette KnifeRed Pipette Knife, советы:

  21. Respawn of Baium – 5 days +/- 8 hours. He appears in the form of a stone statue, on 14 floor Tower of Insolence. While he is a statue, you can enter the throne room through the crystal – Angelic Vortex, located in front of the door, with help Blooded FabricBlood Stained Cloth
  22. You can check the respawn with command – /target Baium, between 13 and 14 floors

  23. If someone has already woken up Baiumthan teleport to him does not work. If he was not killed – he sleeps by the throne after about 30-45 minutes
  24. To wake up Baium you need to come up and talk to him. The one who wakes him up in 30% of cases dies

  25. Speak with Master Kaspar in Hardins Academy and get – Maestro Reorin’s MoldMaestro Reorin's Mold
  26. Needed to prepare items for exchange:

  27. Speak with Maestro Reorin nearby Sel Mahum Training Grounds and get reward
  28. After that, you need to start the next quest – Mimirs Elixir