Path of the Elven Wizard

Path of the Elven Wizard

  1. We speak with Rosella in Elven Village, get – Fertility PeridotFertility Peridot

    Talk again to Rosella, in conversation select – Ruby, get – Rosella’s LetterRosella's Letter

  2. Rosella

  3. Talk with Magister Greenis in Temple of Eve, in Elven Village
  4. Greenis

  5. Go in Elven Forest, hunt – Pincer Spider, until you get Red DownRed Down— 5
  6. Elven Forest

  7. Back to Magister Greenis in Elven Village, get – Ruby of MagicRuby of Magic
  8. Talking to Rosella in Elven Village, in conversation select – Aquamarine, get – Appetizing AppleAppetizing Apple
  9. Talk with Thalia у Iris Lake
  10. Thalia

  11. Set off in Elven Forest, hunt – Dryad Elder, until you get Gold LeavesGold Leaves— 5
  12. Come back to Thalia by Iris Lake, get – Pure Aquamarine
  13. Talk with Rosella in Elven Village, select – Amethyst, get – Immortal LoveImmortal Love
  14. Rosella

  15. We go to Northwind in Elven Fortress
  16. Northwind

  17. Hunt in Elven FortressSukar Wererat Leader, until you get AmethystAmethyst— 2
  18. Back to Northwind, get – Noble AmethystNoble Amethyst
  19. Talk with Rosella in Elven Village and get reward
  20. Upon reaching level 20, talk to any Grand Magister in Wizards Guild and get Class – Elven Wizard