Mark quests – Destroyer



A test of bravery

  1. The quest is taken from Cash," who stands in front of a warehouse in Dion. Phrases in the dialogue:
    • Ask what kind of Adventure is waiting for you
    • Accept its terms (I accept)


  2. We go to kill Shislassys," stands under Undine Waterfall, guarded by Cave Basilisk. After killing the jellyfish, the Scroll of Shyslassys The Shislasis Scrolland Broken Key are givenBroken Key. Nearby will appear chest Chest Of Shyslassys, which can be opened with this key, "talking" to him.
  3. Shislasis

  4. Talk to Kash in Dion, get Cash's LetterCash's letter
  5. Going to Martien in Giran
  6. Martien

  7. We go to kill Gorr in a cave near Monster Race Track. Security – Cave Basilisk. After her murder, you'll get –
    Observer's 1st Eye, whichThe Eye of the Observer is carried back by Martien to Giran
  8. Gorr

  9. The next target is Baraham, not far from where Gorr was. We kill it and get the Observer '2nd Eye.The Eye of the Observer' At the same time, Raldo appears nearby. Talk to him:
    • I'm here to kill the monsters that threaten the villagers.
      I have come to kill the monsters threatening the villagers
    • Tell him about the Sign of the Contender and Martyn
      Tell him about the Mark of Challenger and Martien
    • I'll help.
      I will help


  10. Back to Martien in Giran
  11. Teleport to the Village of dwarves, go to Filaur, he is in a round building in the center
  12. Philar

  13. We go down to the bottom of the Mythril Mine. We find and kill the queen Succubus queen and her guard – Claw Of Succubus. He'll get a reward.
  14. Mythril Mine


The Test of Glory

  • Level: 37
  • Race: Orc
  • Occupation: Raider, Monk, Shaman
  • Awards: 1,448,226,Exp 96,648, Skills Points262,720, AdenaSign of GlorMark of Gloryy,
    Diamond of other worldsDimensional Diamond – 96 pieces.

  1. Talking to Prefect Vokian at the Orcs Guild, in Giran, get – Vokian's OrderVokian's Order
  2. Vokian

  3. Go to the Crater of the Ivory Tower, hunt – Manashen Gargolya, until you collect the Manashen Shard – 10 Manashen Shardpieces.
  4. Ivory Tower Crater

  5. Go to Death Valley, hunt – Vasilisk The Guardian, until you collect the Guardian Basilisk Fang – 10 Guardian Basilisk Fangpieces.
  6. Death Pass

  7. Go to the Wasteland, Hunt – Tyrant, Chief Tyrant, until you collect the Claw of Tiran (Tyrant's Talon) – 1Tyrant's Talon0 pieces.
  8. Wasteland

  9. Return to Prefect Vokian, to Giran, get – Vokian's OrderVokian's Order
  10. Talk to Chief Chianta at the Orcs Guild, in Dion, get the 1st Chianta's 1st OrderChianta's 1st Order
  11. Gandi Chief Chianta

  12. Go to seer Manakia at the Orcs Guild, in Giran, get the 1st Letter of Manakia's 1st Letter and tManakia's 1st Letterhe 2nd Letter of Manakia's 2nd
    Letter)Manakia's 2nd Letter
  13. Seer Manakia

  14. Talk to Orcs Leader Breka Chief Voltar in Breck Fortification, there will be two quest monsters – Vultus Son of Voltar and Pashika Son Of Voltar, killed.
    Talk to Orcs Chief Breka Voltar again and get – Scepter of BrekaScepter of Breka
  15. Breka Chief Voltar

  16. We speak with the Chief Kepra, The Orc Leader, near the Fortress of the Hive, and there will be three quest monsters – the Lord of the Orcs Enku Orc Overlord, we kill.
    Talk to Orc Chief Kepra again and get – Scepter of EnkuScepter of Enku
  17. Enku Chief Kepra

  18. Talk to Prefect Kasman at the Orcs Guild, in Gludin, get Kasman's 1st LKasman's 1st Letteretter, Kasman's 2nd LetKasman's 2nd Letterter, Kasman's 3rd LetterKasman's 3rd Letter
  19. Prefect Kasman

  20. We go to the Chief Harak Orc Chief near the Langk Lizard Settlement, get – Scepter of TunathScepter of Tunath
  21. Leunt Chief Harak

  22. We talk to the Leader of the Orcs Turek Chief Burai (Turek Chief Burai) in Camp Orcs, there will be two quest monsters – Makum Bugbear Thug , kill them.
    Talk to Orcs Leader Turek Chief Burai again and get – Scepter of TurekScepter of Turek
  23. Turek Chief Burai

  24. Talk to Orcs Leader Vuku Chief Driko near Gludio, Get Driko's ContractDriko's Contract
  25. Vuku Chief Driko

  26. Go to Topi Kruma, Hunt – The Swamp Stakato Drone, until you collect the Shell of Stakato Drone Husk – 30 Stakato Drone Huskpieces.
  27. Cruma Marshlands

  28. Return to the Orc Chief Of The Vuku Driko, get – Scepter of VukuScepter of Vuku
  29. Back to Gandi Chief Chianta, Dion, get Chianta's 3rd OrderChianta's 3rd Order
  30. Gandi Chief Chianta

  31. Go to the Hunter Village, hunt – Ork Tamlin, Shooter of the Orcs Tamlin, until you collect the Skull of Orc Tamlin (Tamlin Orc Skull) – 2Tamlin Orc Skull0 pieces.
  32. Tamlin Orcs

  33. Go to Timak Outpost, hunt the Timak Orc, until you collect the head of Orak Timak (Timak Orc Head) – 20 Timak Orc Headpieces.
  34. Timak Outpost

  35. Again, we talk to the Head of Gandhi Chianta, in Dion, get – Scepter BoxScepter Box
  36. Talk to Seer Tanapi in The Orc Village, get – Tanapi's OrderTanapi's Order
  37. Seer Tanapi

  38. Go to the Plateau of Immortality, Hunt – Lord of the Orcs Ragna, Prophet of the Orcs ragna, will appear – The ghost of The Ghost of Chief Of Tantos, kill him until you get – Scepter of TantosScepter of Tantos
  39. Immortal Plateau

  40. Return to Seer Tanapi to Orc Village, get – Ritual BoxCeremonial Box
  41. We speak to flame Lord Kakai in the Orc Village and receive an award.
  42. Flame Lord Kakai


A test of excellence

  • Level: 39
  • Race: Man, Orc
  • Occupation: Warrior, Raider
  • Awards: 1,270,742Exp, 87,200Skills Points, 229,764Adena, Sign of MasteryMark of Champion,
    Diamond of other worldsDimensional Diamond – 64 pieces.

  1. Talk to Veteran Ascalon in Giran, near the Arms Store, and receive the 1st Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 1st Letter)1-е Тайное Письмо
  2. Lineage 2

  3. We go to Dion to Mason (Mason) – next to the Warehouse, get – Iron Rose RingLineage 2
  4. Lineage 2

  5. Go to the Valley of the Lizards, kill the monsters – The Royal Guard of the Bloody Axe, until you collect the Head of the Bloody Axe (Bloody Axe) – 1Head of the Bloody Axe00 pieces.
  6. Lineage 2

  7. Go back to Mason in Dion, get – Mason's LetterLineage 2
  8. Let's go to Giran. We talk to Veteran Ascalon again, we get – 2nd Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 2nd Letter)1-е Тайное Письмо
  9. We go to the Magic Trader Groot in the Magic Shop, in Giran, we talk to him, we get – the Order of the White Rose Insignia (White Rose Insignia)Lineage 2
  10. Lineage 2

  11. Go to the Gorgon Flower Garden, kill the monsters:
    • Medusa's Venom iLineage 2s 30
    • Harpy's Egg is 30 pieceThe Stone of Puritys.
  12. Сад Цветов Горгон

  13. Let's go to Hardin Academy. Hunt Veprey until we collect The Bile Bile – 30 Lineage 2pieces.
  14. Академия Хардина

  15. Back to Giran to the Magic Trader Groot, we receive a Letter (Groot's Letter)Письмо. Then, near the gun shop – Veteran Ascalon, talking to him, get – 3rd Letter of Ascalon (Ascalon's 3rd Letter)1-е Тайное Письмо
  16. Talk to Captain Mouen at the south gate of Oren, get – 1st Order moen (Mouen's 1st Order)Lineage 2
  17. Lineage 2

  18. Go to Death Valley, kill monsters – Roadside Scavenger is not yet collected – Head of the Scavenger (Road Ratman Head) – 10Lineage 20 pieces.
  19. Death Pass

  20. Return to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – 2nd Order moen (Mouen's 2nd Order)Lineage 2
  21. Go to lizard Valley, kill the monsters of any Lizard Lizard (Leto Lizardman) until you collect – Fang Lizard Lito (Leto lizard fang) – 10Lineage 20 pieces.
  22. Plains of the Lizardmen

  23. Go back to Captain Mouen in Oren, get – Mouen's Letter
  24. Let's go to Giran. Near the gun shop – Ascalon (Veteran Ascalon), talking to him, get – Mark of Champion (Sign of Mastery)Lineage 2
  25. We go to Veteran Ascalon in Gearan, get an award