Mark quests – The Avenger



The Test of Loyalty

  1. Take the quest from Grand Master Hannavalt in Giran
  2. Ханнавальт

  3. Talk to Sir Aron Tanford near the Wasteland, get the Old Knight SwordLineage 2
  4. Танфорд

  5. Go to the Wasteland, kill the monsters – Skeleton Marauder, Skeleton Raider, until there is a quest Monster – Spirit of Sir Herod. Kill it with the Old Knight SwordLineage 2, get –
    Knight's Tear (Knights Tear)Knights Tear
  6. Пустошь

  7. Back to Sir Aron Tanford in the Wasteland
  8. Talking to Sir Kiel Nighthawk at the Dark Elves Guild in Dion
  9. Кайл

  10. We go to the Land of the Executed, kill the monsters – Slave, Wurdalak, until you get a Piece of Report –Lineage 2 10 pieces, get – Report (Talianus' Report)Отчет
  11. Execution Grounds

  12. Reporting by Sir Kiel Nighthawk in Dion, Mirror of OrpicLineage 2
  13. Back to the Land of the Executed. We hunt the Tree until the Spirit of Sir Talianus appears. Talking to him, getting – Tear of ConfessionThe Stone of Purity
  14. We talk to Sir Kiel Nighthawk again at the Dark Elf Guild in Dion
  15. Talk to Isael Silvershadow in the Hunter Village
  16. Изаэль

  17. Go to lizard Valley, hunt all the Lizard lizards until you collect the "Militas Article" – 20 pLineage 2ieces.
  18. Plains of the Lizardmen

  19. Back to Isael Silvershadow in the Hunter Village, we receive the Tear of LoyaltyThe Stone of Purity
  20. We go to meet Priest Master Dustin at the Temple of Einhasada, in Giran
  21. Дастин

  22. Go to Breck Fortification, Kill Monsters – Lord of the Breck Orcs until you collect – AthLineage 2ebaldt's Skull, AthebaldtAnimal Bone's Shin, Athebaldt's Ribs.Lineage 2
  23. Укрепление Брека

  24. We speak to Priest Master Dustin, in Giran, South AfricaLineage 2
  25. Talk to Sir Collin Windawood at the Obelisk of Victory on Talking Island, get the Letter of WindawoodLineage 2
  26. Виндавуд

  27. Teleported to Giran. We go to church to Priest Master Dustin, we get – Letter of DustinLineage 2
  28. Back to the very beginning – we talk to Grand Master Hannavalt in Giran and receive an award


Confidence test

  1. The quest begins in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint ,Grand Master Hollint, receive – LetLineage 2ter to Elf and Letter to DarkelfLineage 2
  2. Холлинт

  3. Talk to The Grand Master Asterios at the Temple of Eva, in the Elven Village, receive – Order of Asterios OrderLineage 2
  4. Астериос

  5. We're running southwest. We hunt Lyrain e-Lahrein and the Elder Lyrain until Luell Of zephyr Winds appears. Kill it and get it – Breath of WindsLineage 2.
    We hunt for the Dryad and the Senior Dryads until the Actea Of Verdant Wilds appears. Kill it, get – Seed of VerdureLineage 2
  6. Эльфийский Лес

  7. Return to the Grand Master Asterios in the Elven Village, receive the Scroll of Elf TrustLineage 2
  8. Go to Tetrarch Thifiell at the Shilen Sanctuary, to the Dark Elves Village, receive Thifiell's LetterLineage 2
  9. Tetrarch Thifiell

  10. Teleported to Dion. In the Dark Elves Guild, Master Clayton speaks to him. Receiving the Clayton OrderLineage 2
  11. Клейтон

  12. Go to Ant-Man, Kill Monsters – Ant Soldier Until You Get – Honey Dew from 10 CLineage 2ans – Great Afid (Giant Aphid)Великий Афид
  13. Муравейник

  14. Go to Death Valley, kill monsters – Vasilisk The Guardian until you get The Plasma VasiLineage 2liska from 10 cans – Blood of The Guardian BasiliskGlue
  15. Death Pass

  16. Go to Topi Kruma, Kill Monsters – Swamp Stacato until you get Stakato IchorLineage 2 from 10 cans – Stakatos FluidsShape Hardener
  17. Топи Крумы

  18. Back to Master Clayton in Dion, the Dark Elf Guild
  19. Teleported to the Dark Elves Village. Back to Tetrarch Thifiell at the Shilen Sanctuary, we receive the Letter of the Dark Elf TrustLineage 2
  20. Teleported in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint (Grand Master Hollint), receive a Letter to SeresinLineage 2
  21. Outside the church – Cardinal Seresin, receive – Letter to Orc and Letter to Dwarf
  22. Сересин

  23. Teleported to The Orcs Village. In the main building on the 2nd floor – Lord of Flames Kakai, receive – Letter to Manakia
  24. Кекеи

  25. Talk to seer Manakia in Giranat at the Orc Guild.
  26. Манакия

  27. Teleported to Hardin Academy. Hunt Veprey until we collect Parasite of Lota – 10 Lineage 2pieces.
  28. Академия Хардина

  29. Return to Seer Manakia in Giran, receive – Letter of ManakiaLineage 2
  30. Teleported to The Orcs Village. We speak to Lord of Flames Kakai, we receive the Letter of orcs (Scroll of Orc Trust)
  31. Talk to Lockirin in the Village of Dwarves in the Council of Elders
  32. Filaur

  33. Teleported to Kruma Tower. Near the tower we speak with Nicolas,
    Receive – Order of NikolaLineage 2
  34. Николя

  35. Let's go to Kruma Tower. Hunt on the ground floor – Porta until we get – Heartstone of PortaLineage 2
  36. Back to Nicolas, we talk to him
  37. Now again to Lockirin in the Village of the Dwarves, get – Letter of the Dwarves (Scroll of Dwarf Trust)
  38. Teleported in Oren. We go to church to the High Priest Hollint (Grand Master Hollint), receive – Recommendation of Hollint (Recommendation of Hollint)
  39. Teleport to Talking Island. In the church we talk to The Grand Master Biotin, we get – Sign of TrustLineage 2
  40. Биотин


The Trial of the Sorcerer

  1. Talking to Shadow Orim in Death Valley, orim's DiagramLineage 2
  2. Орим

  3. We go to the Alexandria Trade in the Prestigious Goods Shop, in Giran, get – Alexandria's BookLineage 2
  4. Alexandria

  5. Talk to Magister Iker at the Mags Guild, in Giran – Iker's ListLineage 2
  6. Айкер

  7. Head to the Crater of the Ivory Tower, Hunt – Enchanted Stone Golem, collect The Enchanted Golem Heartstone – 20 Lineage 2pieces.
  8. Ivory Tower

  9. We go to the Valley of the Lizards, hunt any LizardS Lito, until we collect the Talisman Lizard Lito (Leto Lizardman Charm) – Lineage 220 pieces.
  10. Plains of the Lizardmen

  11. We run to the Sea of Controversy. Hunt – Creepy Snake until we collect the Fang of the Creepy Snake (Dire Wyrm Fang) – Lineage 220 pieces.
  12. Море Спор

  13. Return to Magister Iker, in Giran, get – 1st Aklantoth 1st GemGem: Rank S
  14. Talking to Master Kaira at the Giran Dark Elves Guild, we'll get the 2nd Aklantoth Stone (Aklantoth 2nd Gem)Gem: Rank A
  15. Magister Kaira

  16. Talk to Trader Lara at the Shop in Dion, and receive Lara's MemoLineage 2
  17. Trader Lara

  18. Go to the Lands of the Executed, Kill the Quest Monsters – The Nameless Ghost (The Named Monster Nameless Revenant) until you get – 3rd Aklantot's Stone (Aklantoth 3rd Gem)Gem: Rank B
  19. Execution Grounds

  20. Talking to Trader Nestle in the Trading Shop, in Gludin Village, Nestle's MemoLineage 2
  21. Нестле

  22. We go to Leopold near the southeast exit from Gludin, get – Leopold's Diary (Leopold's Journal)Дневник Леопольда
  23. Леопольд

  24. Go to the Wasteland, Kill the Monster – Skeleton Skeletal Mercenary until you get:
    • 4th Aklantota Stone (Aklantoth 4th Gem)4-й Камень Аклантота
    • 5th AklantotA Stone (Aklantoth 5th Gem)5-й Камень Аклантота
    • 6th Aklantota Stone (Aklantoth 6th Gem)6-й Камень Аклантота
  25. Пустошь

  26. Back to the very beginning – to Shadow Orim (Shadow Orim) in the Valley of Death, there will be a quest Monster – Prince Dre Vanul zeruel (zuest Monster Drevanul Prince zeruel ). Kill and get – 1st Mountain of Sulphur (1st Brimstone)1-я Горсть Серы
  27. We talk to Shadow Orim again, we get:
    • Orim's InstructionsLineage 2
    • 1st Orim's 1st LetterLineage 2
    • 2nd Orim Letter (Orim's 2nd Letter)2-е Письмо Орима
  28. Talk to Sir Klaus Vasper outside the Warriors Guild in Gludin, get Sir Vasper's LetterLineage 2
  29. Клаус Васпер

  30. We run to Oren, to the church to priest Vadin (Priest Vadin), get – Vadin's Crucifix CrucifixionLineage 2
  31. Вадин

  32. We go to the Village of Hunters, hunt – Ork Tamlin and the Shooter of the Orcs Tamlin until we get the Amulet Orc Tamlin (Tamlin Orc Amulet) – 2Lineage 20 pieces.
  33. Орк Тамлин

  34. Return to Priest Wadin in Oren, get – Vadin's Sanctions approvalLineage 2
  35. We go again to Sir Klaus Vasper – next to the Warriors Guild, in Gludine, we get the Sword of Shackles (Sword of Binding)Меч Оков
    (better to take a nipple for him –Soulshot No Grade 400 pieces))
  36. We speak to Magister Iker at the Mags Guild, in Giran, Iker's AmuLineage 2let and The Trap CrystalAzof
  37. Айкер

  38. Talking to Shadow Orim again in Death Valley
  39. Talk to Fisher Evert near Florent Village, 2nd Mountain.
    Sword of Binding KillLineage 2s of the Monster – Prince Dre Vanul zeruel, receive – Purgatory Key, CrystaThief Keyl of zeruel Bind CrystalEnria
  40. Эверт

  41. Finally return to the Shadow of Orimu in Death Valley and receive an award