Crypts of Disgrace

Crypts of Disgrace

The Cemetery of exiles from the Orc kingdom. Orcs from the Batura, Morek and Turk tribes were buried here, which were forbidden to be buried by Immortal Plateau, which is why this cemetery was nicknamed the Crypts of Shame. To prevent the souls of the traitors from infiltrating by Immortal Plateau, the Monarch of the Kekei Flame has placed a guard of his chosen warriors here. The Orcs buried here have turned into Undead and roam the graveyard, burning with fierce hatred for all living things.

Crypts of Disgrace

Crypts of Disgrace


Monster NameLevelXP / SP

Ghost of a Loyal Vassal

31 lvl
1 404 exp/ 78 sp

Grave Robber Guard

29 lvl
1 558 exp/ 83 sp

Grave Robber Ranger

28 lvl
1 476 exp/ 77 sp

Grave Robber Scout

27 lvl
1 395 exp/ 71 sp

Grave Robber Lookout

27 lvl
1 658 exp/ 84 sp

Grim Grizzly

26 lvl
1 120 exp/ 56 sp

Grim Wolf

25 lvl
1 051 exp/ 52 sp


Monster NameLevelXP / SP

Raid Boss Boss Akata

30 lvl
2 308 288 exp/ 133 780 sp