Cleric's Way

Path of the Cleric

  1. We begin the task at the Priest zigaunt in the Temple of Einhasad, in Gludine, we will receive – 1st Letter of Order1st Certificate
  2. Sigont

  3. Talk to Trader Simplon at the Arms Store in Gludio, get the Book of Simplon – 2 piThe Book of Simploneces.
  4. Simplon

  5. Talking to Priestess Vivyan at the Temple of Einhasada, get – The Book of VivyanThe Book of Vivian
  6. Vivian

  7. Now we speak to Guard Praga at the western gate
  8. Prag

  9. We go to the Ruins of Suffering, hunt – the zombie Ruin and the Leader of the zombie Ruin, until you get – Mother's Pendant (Necklace of Mother)Mother's Pendant
  10. Ruins of Suffering

  11. Return to the Guard of Prague in Gludio, get – Book of PragaBook of Prague
  12. We speak to Priest zigaunt at the Temple of Einhasad, in Gludine, and receive 2nd Letter of Order2nd Testimony
  13. We go to Lionel at the Elven Ruins on the Talking Island, get – Lionel's BookLionel's book
  14. Lionel

  15. Talk to Grand Magister Gallint at the School of Magic near the Village of the Talking Island
  16. Gallint

  17. Back to Lionel, at the Elven Ruins on Talking Island
  18. We complete the quest at priest zigaunt at the Temple of Einhasada, in Gludin, and receive an award
  19. When you reach level 20, talk to any High Priest and get a profession – Cleric