Blacksmith of Mammon

Blacksmith of Mammon

Blacksmith of Mammon, appears during approvalLineage 2 Blacksmith of Mammon of seal (access only to the winners of the “7 Signs” competition).

The blacksmith of Mammon moves only along catacombs. In exactly the same way as Mammon Merchant – every half hour it is randomly teleported to one of the catacombs.

The Blacksmith’s services are as follows:

  • removal of the seal on items of S and S80 rank (armor and accessories of rank A are printed by blacksmiths in any city)
  • in the case of normal things – the printout activates the set bonuses when it is collected
  • exchange of rare items of rank B and A for another type – magic, light, heavy
  • making dual swords of A, S and S80 ranks, incl. making ordinary rank A dual swords
  • polishing of rare items and weapons of B, A, S and S80 ranks (requires the Special Composition of Mammon, which is sold from the Merchant of Mammon)
  • weapon upgrades from weak D to better C (you can’t improve weapons above top C, you can’t)
  • exchange of your weapon for an equivalent in class, up to the best weapon of rank A (Dual swords are exchanged only for dual swords)
  • conventional weapons are not exchangeable
  • Special ability weapons, improved weapons, rare weapons do not change
  • weapon modification level is preserved
  • adding Special Ability (SA) to weapons of any rank

Removing the seal:

Armor A

Jewelry A

Armor S

Jewelry S

Dual Swords

dualsKeshanberk*Keshanberkgrade a
dualsKeshanberk*Damascusgrade a
dualsDamascus*Damascusgrade a
dualsTallum Blade*Damascusgrade a
dualsTallum Blade*Dark Legions Edgegrade s