Path to an Artisan

Path to an Artisan

  1. We speak with Blacksmith Silvera in Forge of, in Dwarven Village
  2. Blacksmith Silvera

  3. Set off in Abandoned Coal Mines, hunt:

  4. Abandoned Coal Mines

  5. Back to Blacksmith Silvera in Dwarven Village, get 1st Pass Certificate1st Pass Certificate, yes 2 options to continue:
  6. Talk with Blacksmith Kluto in Forge, in Gludin, get – Kluto’s LetterKluto's Letter
  7. Blacksmith Kluto

  8. We speak with Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio, get – Footprint of ThiefFootprint of Thief
  9. Blacksmith Pinter

  10. Set off to Windmill Hill, hunt – Vuku Orc Fighter, until you get – Stolen Secret BoxStolen Secret Box
  11. Windmill Hill

  12. Come back to Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio, get -Secret BoxSecret Boxand 2nd Pass Certificate2nd Pass Certificate
  13. Now come back to Blacksmith Kluto in Gludin, select:
    • I’ve got it, but have no idea what does it for

    and get reward

  14. Upon reaching level 20, talk to any Head Blacksmith and get Class – Artisan